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All Amazon sellers use white background photos for main photo. Even so, professional Amazon photographers can still help your main image stand out and avoid wasting your extra spending on ppc

Draco Product photography studio is located in guangdong, China. we ARE focus on product photography, amazon prodcut photography, product video, and digital marketing,. etc

Premium Product Photography in China for high-quality Product photography. We will ensure that your images look more beautiful and better. The images clicked by China photo studios are very professional, and our product photography in China has provided high-resolution images for more than 100 customers. We focus on making photos that capture the audience’s attention to increase conversion rates. Product photography in China allows your customers to understand your products.

China professional photography studio, we focus on every detail of the picture, we shoot 360-degree product photography in China. Your product image should speak about you. Our product photography in China provides the best photography solutions for speed, quality and consistency. The Draco team is committed to providing the best product photography in China at an affordable price. Get creative solutions for your projects. Book a meeting today!

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Amazon photography
Food & Kitchen product lifestyle

Draco is a product photography business specializing in jewelry and other small to medium sized products. We work with retailers, wholesalers and jewelry designers who sell online via marketplaces like Amazon/Etsy and on platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, etc.

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Kitchenware Photography for Ecommerce

Boost Your BrandYour brand appeals to your audience and successful brands understand how important it is to develop customer relationships. By using your brand’s voice and personality to reach the consumer you establish a partnership with customers.


Jewelry photography in china-9_edited